all I draw is fictional nazis, wth

what is her arm doing will the world ever know?

"In what country is there a place for people like me?"
God Andrei, could you be anymore pretentious?

I did it again, sorry.

I didn’t think I’d make more of these but I was wrong.

Summary: AU. The Lone Wanderer is confused when she finds herself in a Vault 101 version of the Tranquility Lane simulation. Discovering a way out is more difficult than she would have imagined. Upon finding her father, she quickly learns that something is terribly wrong with the people she thought she knew. Sorta one-sided Butch/LW.

A/N: Ha ha I updated, sorry.

I give up

Dad, no

stuff for the sidebar on my personal blog

ah yes, more things I haven’t finished and probably never will

how does one capture likeness?

poop i started drawing super early on in the game and never bothered to finish


I know my art blog isn’t terribly active but I would really appreciate it if you could let me know what fandoms you followed me for?

I’d like to make sure I can focus on those in the near future. Ask is open if you’d rather tell me there.